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About us

ReLoop, the ReLoop app, and website ( are owned and managed by ReLoop Limited, and we strive to bring innovative solutions to the recycling industry in the UAE.

ReLoop has been developed to serve as a digital app that makes it easy for you to recycle from your doorstep. Moreover, you can keep track of all your recycling history and know exactly how much you are contributing to protecting the environment.

One of the main reasons that makes ReLoop a robust solution is the fact that we manage the whole process ourselves, including the app, the logistics, and the recycling process, so you can rest assured that whatever you wish to recycle, actually gets recycled and does not end up thrown away down the line!

At ReLoop, we promise to continuously improve the services and listen to constructive feedback from all ReLoopers! We would like for ReLoop and all ReLoopers to collectively contribute to the improvement of the recycling industry and culture in the UAE. 

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